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At PM Cash, we offer one of the UK's widest selection of cash drawers suitable for retail, hospitality and office use. From low-cost budget till drawers to high quality more robust drawers and special sizes. Our range includes front-opening, flip-top, compact small footprint and high-capacity.

Most of our till drawers are available with Under Counter Mounting Brackets for fixing securely under a counter or desk. Simply choose the undermount bracket kit option with your purchase or Buy Brackets separately.

cash till drawers uk

Read our Cash Drawers Buying Advice below to help choose the right till drawer for your business, or please Contact-Us and we will happily assist.
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415 Cash Drawer

Best Seller
415 Cash Drawer

Quality cash drawer with RJ11 cable for connection to POS terminal or printer.

Size: 410 x 415 x 100mm

CD2 Manual Push Operation Cash Drawer

Manual push operation
CD2 Manual Push Operation Cash Drawer

High quality manual operation cash drawer.

Size: 410 x 420 x 100mm.

Compact Cash Drawer

Compact Cash Drawer

Small compact size space saving cash drawer.

Size: 330 x 360 x 90mm

Magic Touch Cash Drawer

Large Manual Operation Drawer.
Magic Touch Cash Drawer

Push operation cash drawer. Size: 410 x 465 x 100mm.

Flip Top Cash Drawer

Flip Top Cash Drawer

Flip top cash drawer with vertical note compartments and lockable lid.

500S Short Cash Drawer

500S Short Cash Drawer

Super short cash drawer, only 275mm deep. Size: 480 x 275 x 120

Narrow Cash Drawer

Narrow Cash Drawer

Only 300mm wide.

Large Cash Drawer

Large Cash Drawer

Large size cash drawer. ideal for cash & carry and busy supermarkets. Size: 460 x 465 x 100mm

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The sizes above refer to Width x Depth x Height.

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Our quality till drawers are designed to keep your cash safe and secure at the point of sale, in your workplace or office and during transit. They can securely hold cash, cheques, coupons and slips. We also offer various accessories including mounting bracket kits, extra cash trays and lockable lids.

You can choose tills from a range of casing colours including white, beige, black, dark grey and stainless steel.

Our cash drawers are generally available in 2 forms:

  • Front Opening Cash Drawers
    These slide out and sit on a counter-top or cash desk or may be bracket mounted under a counter or bar. They mostly have a square shape and are normally 9-11cm thick, made of robust steel casing and a cash drawer which slides out to the front.

  • Flip Top Cash Drawers
    The flip top or top-opening type of cash drawers are smaller and compact in size. These have a hinged lid. Fliptop units are designed sit on a shelf below a counter or may be slotted into a purpose-built enclosure within your counter.

When deciding which cash drawer to buy, check it has enough capacity to store the cash volumes you wish to hold. Choose a build quality suited to the frequency of your expected usage, together with the necessary amount of security features (see below). Also consider purchasing one of our under-counter cash safes / counter cache which allow surplus cash to be stored using a double-security mechanism.

If you are storing hundreds of pounds / euros then the standard security features might be adequate. But if you are a large cash centre or wholesale warehouse storing tens of thousands of pounds, then our extra security high capacity cash drawers will obviously be more appropriate.

Your till drawer capacity requirements should take into account your other security procedures - most stores 'skim' the cash drawer at frequent intervals to remove surplus cash to the back-office or to a safe.


Cash drawers can either be operated manually (using a push mechanism, a push button or key) or they can be computer operated via a PC or EPoS terminal.

    RJ interface:

    Most EPoS cash drawers from PM Cash operate via the receipt printer and connect with a cable to the RJ11 cash drawer kickout port on the back or underneath most mini receipt printers. Many touchscreen terminals also have an RJ11 port for 1 or more cash drawers. This RJ connection (sometimes referred to as RJ12 rather than RJ11) looks similar to the plug/socket on your telephone. The receipt printer in turn is connected to the computer or EPoS terminal, from which the POS software application sends a command to open the drawer.

    Options for 12v and 24v solenoid are available. Some POS systems will be particular about which option is required - check with your POS system supplier.

    RS232 Serial or USB:


    These cash drawers from PM Cash connect to the back of a computer or EPoS terminal with a cable connected to the 9-pin serial port, also known as a DB9 port. Cash drawers are available with an RS232 Serial interface, USB interface or, less commonly, a Parallel interface. You will need to check with your EPoS software provider as to which interface is compatible with your system, as well as checking you have an available spare port on your computer/terminal for the interface connection.

    Some RS232 cash drawers may need a separate power supply if it is unable to drawer power from the serial port of the computer.

    Some EPoS terminals have a jack-type port known as an 10P10C standard port, which looks similar to an RJ45 Ethernet network port (but it is not RJ45). It is sometimes called an RJ50 port. This type of serial port will not take direct connection of our 9-pin RS232 serial interface cash drawers. In this case, an RJ-50 to 9-pin Serial adapter would be required, although most terminals also have the DB9 9-pin ports.

    Manual Operation:

    PM Cash's manual cash till drawers are designed to operate as stand-alone units, without connection to a receipt printer, computer, epos terminal or cash register. They feature either a push mechanism, a push button or can be operated by key. (We do not recommend using the key for very frequent manual operation usage as eventually the key will twist and break).

    Some brands such as IBM, NCR, Toshiba and Casio replacement till drawers may have proprietary interface connections.

Additional information: Cash Drawers Explained


PM Cash offers a range accessories including:
* Replacement keys
* Extra cash trays
* Lockable lids for use when transporting cash trays
* Under-counter mounting bracket kits
* Temporary Note Holders
* 'Cash Guard' cover to prevent snatching


Security features such as tamper-proof casing and locks, solid steel construction, bolt-down capability and good quality locks are among the many options available on our range of cash drawers to help prevent and deter forced entry and theft.


Most cash drawers have plastic insert trays with sections for holding coins and notes, as well as additional sections sometimes for vouchers or coupons. Some cash drawers have movable separators so that you can define the size of each section according to your requirements. Some also have removable coin compartments to make cashing up easier.

Bank note sections on the cash drawer tray can be flat (usually with plastic or metal spring clips), vertical or angled. Some note compartments on till drawers have a hinged flap under which extra banknotes are kept.

Additional types of cash tray are available for some of the high specification cash drawers in our range. For example, if you require additional sections for storing different currencies if you operate a bureau de change.


If you will be monitoring cash takings for each cashier shift separately, then additional cash trays are available. This allows cash floats to be prepared in advance and also allows a cashier who completes a shift to remove their cash tray for cashing up in a back-office.

Lockable lids are available for most of the cash trays so that the tray is secure when being transported between the point of sale cash desk and the cash office.


Front slots in the cash drawer provide for cheques, slips or coupons to be inserted into the bottom of the cash drawer. This prevents the need to open the cash drawer.


Some advanced models of computer controlled cash drawers are able to send a drawer-open electronic signal back to your EPoS software. This security feature allows your software to warn the cashier if the till drawer is open for too long.


Universal undermount bracket kits are available. These fit most front-opening cash drawers for mounting under a wooden countertop.

Buy Undermount Bracket Kit


We supply cash drawer pedestals for teller use. Our standard units are 500mm width, 910mm height, and 490mm depth, powder coated mild steel, with 3 lockable drawers. These are stand alone pedestals with optional castors. Custom size cash drawer pedestals can also be made - please contact us with your requirements.


PM Cash is able to source many other cash drawers in addition to the popular till drawers listed on our website. Cash drawers with numeric pin pads, wooden construction cash drawers, custom-size cash drawers and other specialist till drawers are available on request. We can obtain other brands of cash drawer such as APG, Posiflex, CashBases, Digipos and IBM.

If you wish to buy a cash drawer that is not listed on our site, please Contact Us with your till drawer requirements and we will be pleased to assist.

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Volume discounts are available for buying 10+ cash drawers. Please Contact Us for a cash drawer quotation.

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