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PM Cash's coin counting machines are of commercial grade, designed for use in environments where high volumes of coins are processed frequently.

Coin Counters UK

We offer 3 types of coin counting equipment:
  • Coin Counters - (listed below) for counting coins of the same denomination.

  • Coin Sorters - for sorting and counting mixed-value coins.

  • Coin Scales - for counting and verifying coin quantity and value by weight.
These professional coin counting machines are designed for all British coins - 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2. We also have counting equipment for Euro coins and tokens.
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1550 Coin Counting Machine

1550 Coin Counting Machine

High speed coin counting machine. Upto 2300 coins per minute.

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Our electro-mechanical high speed coin counters can be configured to work with all types of coins and tokens. The machines are configured to work with 1 coin denomination or token at a time.

2 settings - Diameter and Coin Thickness - are set using the dials on the machine. Coins or tokens which are within the 2 setting thresholds are passed and counted, other coins are excluded into the reject box.

Coins can be continuously added as the machine is in operation. An LED display on the coin counter shows the total count and any status/error code.

Counted coins are deposited into cloth coin bags (available separately). You may set the batch size using the control keypad so the coin counting machine will pause for you to change bags when the batch size is reached.

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