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PM Cash's range of coin sorting and counting machines are designed for mixed coins. The coin sorters are suited to a variety of applications in charities, schools, kiosk operations, car parks, casinos, leisure centres, cash offices and retail shops.

Coin Sortters UK

Our entry-level coin sorting machine, the 1250, is very popular with schools and colleges counting shop takings and cash takings from events as well as religious establishments counting weekly donations and charities counting coins after fund-raising events. The entry-level coin sorters are suited to a typical once or twice weekly usage of £1 - £500 (or Euros).

For heavy-duty and more frequent usage and for higher coin volumes, our mid-range and high-specification machines are robustly built to reliably count thousands of Pounds / Euros per day. The CC1000 Coin Counter & Sorter is our most popular mid-range coin sorting and counting machine for busy charities, fund-raising events as well as churches, mosques and temples. The Mach 6 is our most popular heavy-duty coin sorter for high volume counting and sorting.

On the higher specification coin sorters, we offer on-site installation, training and maintenance contracts throughout the UK.
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1250 Coin Sorter & Counter

1250 Coin Sorter & Counter

For British coins. Approx 200 coins per minute sorting speed. Improved design. Hopper capacity 3-500 coins.

Supports new £1 coin.

CC-800 Coin Sorter & Counter

CC-800 Coin Sorter & Counter

300-350 coins per minute coin sorting speed. Available for GBP coins. Hopper capacity upto 1100 coins.

Supports new £1 coin.

CC-1000 Coin Sorter & Counter

Recommended for medium volume coin sorting
CC-1000 Coin Sorter & Counter

600 coins per minute coin sorting speed. Available for GBP or Euro coins. Hopper capacity upto 1300 coins. (Also other currencies model available)

Supports new £1 coin.

Glory (Talaris / De La Rue)
Mach 3 Coin Sorting Machine

Mach 3 Coin Sorting Machine

Heavy duty GBP coin sorter with 1500 coins per minute speed. Handles 6 coin denominations.

Supports old and new £1 coin.

Glory (Talaris / De La Rue)
Mach 6 High Volume Coin Processor

Mach 6 High Volume Coin Processor

Recommended for high volume coin sorting. Handles 8 coin denominations.

Supports old and new £1 coin.

Glory (Talaris / De La Rue)
Mach 9 High Volume Coin Sorter

Mach 9 High Volume Coin Sorter

Commercial grade high-capacity GBP coin sorter with 4500 coins per minute sorting speed.

Supports old and new £1 coin.

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Technical Information on Coins

For technical information on £Sterling coins and advice on identifying counterfeit coins, visit the Royal Mint website.

For technical information on Euro Coins and advice on identifying counterfeit coins, visit the European Union Legislation website.

How Do Coin Sorters Work?

Commercial coin sorters from PM Cash are mains-powered electro-mechanical machines designed to sort and count coins of a particular currency at high speed.

A coin sorter has a hopper which is effectively a container into which loose mixed coins are poured. Different coin sorting machines have different capacity hoppers.

Once the coin sorting machine is started, coins from the hopper are fed into the sorting machine's filtering mechanism.

On the basic coin sorters, the filter mechanism is a circular disc with holes the diameter size of each different coin denomination. The disc is made from strong plastic on the entry-level machines and from steel on the heavy-duty coin sorting machines.

On the more sophisticated coin sorters, the filter mechanism is an alloy sensor which gauges the metallic composition of each coin to determine its denomination and then triggers a signal to the appropriate coin compartment entry point through which the coin falls. These machines either use a rotating disc for coins to fall through or a sloping rail for coins to slide down.

Sensors on the filtering mechanism or on each coin compartment feed back to the coin sorter's control panel, which keeps count of the number of coins of each denomination as well as calculating the overall total.

Coins which cannot be identified are filtered into a 'reject' compartment, usually on the side or rear of the coin sorting machine. Coins which are foreign coins outside the machine's currency specification, coins which are chipped or otherwise damaged, objects such as buttons, tokens etc, and coins not recognised by the machine (eg. old issue coins) are all rejected.

Most coin sorting machines have a 'batch' facility which allows you to specify the batch size of each coin denomination. When a container reaches its batch size, the sorting machine pauses for you to empty the container and press the resume button. This is ideal for bagging coins for banking.

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Coin Counters & Coin Sorters - Typical Uses

The commercial-grade coin sorters from PM Cash are suitable for a variety of uses and we supply these machines to many different types of businesses, charities, religious organisations and financial institutions.

  • Retail Shops & Hospitality Environments
    for sorting and counting daily till takings and staff tips

  • Charities
    for sorting and counting donations from charity collection boxes, tins and buckets at fund-raising events

  • Religious Institutions
    Churches, Mosques, Temples and Synagogues for sorting and counting donation box contents

  • Casinos and Amusement Arcades
    for sorting and counting coins from slot /gaming machines

  • Car Parks
    for sorting and counting coins from parking meters

  • Launderettes
    for sorting and counting coins from laundry machines

and many other types of application where accurate, high-speed sorting and counting of coins is required.

Coin Sorters - Operating Advice

As with any commercial electro-mechanical device, coin sorting machines rely on suitable usage procedures and routine maintenance in order to be reliable, safe and durable in the long term.

Usage Volumes and Frequency:
    Different machines are designed and built to withstand different usage volumes and frequencies. If you buy an entry-level low-volume coin sorter and then attempt to count tens of thousands of coins every day, the machine components will wear down very quickly and the machine will start to mis-sort (ie. confusing similar size coins) or develop other symptoms and faults.

    If your coin sorting machine is frequently mixing 20p coins and £1 coins, or 50p coins and £2 coins, then it is most likely due to the plastic filter inside the equipment becoming worn following heavy usage.

    In most cases, the manufacturers warranty will not cover over-usage if you have persistently subjected a low-cost machine to excessive usage beyond its stated capacity. Many coin sorters have internal electronic chips which keep count of the coins counted, so the manufacturer can easily determine the usage the machine has been subjected to taking into account the purchase date.

    We always recommend purchasing the most suitable specification machine at the outset which will save time, cost and inconvenience in the long run. It is a false economy to attempt to purchase a low-cost machine if you're coin sorting and counting requirements necessitate a mid-range or heavy-duty machine.

Foreign Objects:
    It is best to visually check your coin container for foreign objects such as paper clips, staples, buttons, paper, wrappers, small stones etc prior to emptying the batch into the coin sorting machine. This will avoid such objects jamming in the coin sorting machine or even damaging the filter and sorting mechanism. Many people use a wooden spoon to check through the coins in the bucket/container before emptying it into the sorting/counting machine. Badly damaged or chipped coins should also be removed.

Prior to Usage:
    To ensure accuracy of the coin count, always check the individual coin containers are empty prior to the start of a count. We also recommend you use a wooden spoon or similar instrument to run through your coins to remove any foreign objects that may get stuck or damage the coin sorting machine.

    If desired, set the required batch size for each coin denomination.

    For bagging coins, in the UK most banks require the following format for small plastic coin bags:

    CoinNo. of coinsValue of each bag

    For cloth coin bags, the typical banking requirements are as follows:

    Coin Maximum Amount Bag ColourMax WeightNo. of coins
    £2Maximum £500 Brown 2.75kg250 coins
    £1 Maximum £500 Red 4.7kg500 coins
    50p Maximum £250 Yellow 4.25kg500 coins
    20p Maximum £250 Green 6.3kg1250 coins
    10p Maximum £100 White6.5kg1000 coins
    5p Maximum £100 White6.5kg2000 coins
    2p Maximum £20 Blue 7.1kg1000 coins
    1p Maximum £20 Blue 7.1kg2000 coins

    Remember to label any incomplete bag with the amount/denomination if it is not filled to full capacity, as this will save time during banking and further verification.

    Some of the higher-specification machines operate at high speeds. We recommend that staff do not dangle ties, necklaces, scarves etc when using the machine as there is a risk these can get drawn into the hopper.

    Many machines have a reject tray or compartment at the rear of the machine. It is important to switch off the mains power to the machine before putting your fingers into the rear compartment, where some electronic components may sometimes be exposed.

    If you are sorting high volumes of coins frequently then the operator or nearby staff may be subject to disturbance from excessive noise of the coins. We recommend locating the heavy duty machines in a dedicated room with a closed door or alternatively using some form of ear protection such as ear plugs (provided you have visible fire warning lights or other fire alarm alternatives).

Storage, Cleaning and Transporting:

    If you only use your coin sorter occasionally, as with any similar equipment, it is best to cover it from dust and disconnect it from the mains power supply. It is a good idea to wipe the display screen and buttons on the control panel with an anti-bacterial wipe from time to time.

    When transporting your coin sorter, please be careful to secure the coin containers as these are commonly lost or damaged in transit.

    Cloth coin bags and plastic coin bags (volume orders only) are available from PM Cash. See our Money Bags section.

Wet Coins:
    Unless stated in the specification of the machine, most coin sorters will not handle wet coins and coins that are stuck together. The electronics of the cash handling equipment may also suffer permanent water damage not covered by warranty. If you have collected coins from outdoor slot machines or you have done fund-raising on a rainy day, we advise to air the coins properly indoors spreading them out on a flat surface first and let them fully dry out before placing them in the coin sorter, separating any stuck together coins manually. You could also pat them with a clean, dry towel to speed up the drying process.

Warranty & Service on your Coin Sorting & Counting Machine

All coin sorting equipment supplied by PM Cash is brand new and supplied with a full manufacturers 1 year warranty and backed up with our free after-sales Support Service which is available during office hours by telephone and email for 1 year from purchase.

Please note that low-volume machines are only covered by warranty if they are used within their prescribed limits and not subjected to use beyond the stated capacity. We also offer on-site installation, maintenance contracts and staff training on our heavy-duty coin sorters and counters.

If you are counting coins which are already segregated into denominations, you may wish to also look at our Cash Scales or Coin Counting Machines.

Please Contact Us if you require further assistance, advice or an instant quotation for your coin counting and sorting requirements and we will be happy to help.

Coin Sorters