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PM Cash's precision money weighing scales are perfect for retail cashing up and cash office verification within 1-2 minutes. They allow you to instantly verify the cash float at the start of day, quickly carry out interim spot checks during the shift, and accurately cash up at the end of the day as well as verify takings returned to the office.

Money / Cash Weighing Scales / Machines UK

We have 2 types of cash scale for money counting:
(1) Coin Scales and (2) Coin & Note Scales.

All our cash scales are compatible with the new 12-sided £1 coin, the new £5 polymer banknote, and the forthcoming £10 polymer banknote.
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Salter Brecknell
804 Coin Counting Scale

804 Coin Counting Scale

Reliable coin weighing scale with scoop for loose coins. Mains and battery operation.

C7 Coin & Note Counting Scale

C7 Coin & Note Counting Scale

Suitable for £Sterling and Euros. Counts coins and bank notes.

Optional Printer.

Ready for the new polymer £10 note.

CCEU Coin Counting Scale

CCEU Coin Counting Scale

20kg high capacity coin counting scale. For Sterling and Euro coins.

6185 Advanced Money Counting Scale

6185 Advanced Money Counting Scale

Suitable for old and new £5 notes and the new £1 coin. 3 year warranty.

Ready for the new polymer £10 note.

Ratiotec RS2000 Money Scale

Ratiotec RS2000 Money Scale

Sophisticated money scale. Counts coins and notes. Large coin hopper and easy-to-read display. Supports GBP, Euro and USD.

Volumatic (Omal)
CountEasy Coin & Note Counting Scale

NEW Version 3.1
CountEasy Coin & Note Counting Scale

Popular cash scale, widely used worldwide. Counts coins and notes. £Sterling including Scottish issue banknotes.

Ready for the new polymer £10 note.

T-iX D2000 Coin and Note Counting Scale

T-iX D2000 Coin and Note Counting Scale

Sophisticated coin and note counting scale. 5 year warranty

Sigma 105 Money Scales

As used by Tesco
Sigma 105 Money Scales

UK branded money counting scale for coins and notes. Mains or Battery operation.

Volumatic (Omal)
CountEasy TS Coin & Note Counting Scale

CountEasy TS Coin & Note Counting Scale

Latest design with touch screen. Counts coins and notes. £Sterling including Scottish issue banknotes plus 1 other selected currency.

Ready for the new polymer £10 note.

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Cashing up is a task performed by every cashier, every day at the end of every shift and, if done manually by staff who are tired from working a whole shift, can easily be prone to human errors and mistakes. Our automated money cashing up equipment and scales eliminates the possibility of errors and allows cashing up to be performed in a fraction of time compared to manual money counting.

Our cash weighing scales are suitable for all British and Euro coins and bank notes. We also offer cash counting scales for US Dollars and certain other currencies. We offer all the major brand of money scales including the Tellermate series of cash weighing scales.

We also supply scales for counting tokens and components. Contact us for details.

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We offer both small and large coin scales with a capacity upto 20kg. These money scales are designed to weigh coins of the same denomination, either loose, or in rolls or bags. The coin weighing scales display both the number of coins and value, and cumulatively keep a total of each coin denomination.

Money scoops are available to hold loose coins for weighing, either as standard on some models or as an option on other models.


Coin and note scales are pre-programmed with the weights for all £Sterling denominations. If the scales supports Euro and other currencies, then it will also be pre-programmed for those coins and notes. The money weighing scales can be set up with your choice of coin and note denomination sequence to provide for fast, automated cashing up and verification.


Printer: Some of our coin and note cash weighing scales are available with an optional printer. This allows the results of the count and verification to be printed on a ticket with the date and time, a breakdown of the total for each denomination and the total quantity and value of the batch of money.

Upgrade Port: Money scales with a USB/Serial interface port are designed to allow for future software upgrades if new banknotes or coins are introduced. Software updates may be chargeable and require purchase of a data cable or return of the unit for re-programming.

Weighing Non-Cash Items: Our advanced money counting scales have the capacity for a user-definable component (eg. tokens, coupons) to be programmed and weighed.


Bank Notes:
In most instances, you cannot place a large bundle of banknotes on the scale all at once. Banknotes in a batch must be placed onto the cash counting scale progressively in groups of about 10-15 notes at a time. This will provide for the most accurate results.

All cash counting scales use an algorithm based on the average weight of each banknote for a particular denomination. New notes will be clean, crisp and fractionally lighter, used notes may be soiled and therefore slightly heavier. Further variances may occur if notes have torn corners, have repair tape on them or are worn.

By introducing the notes cumulatively, the machine can best adjust its calculations more frequently to provide an accurate count.

If you will be counting only notes or primarily notes, you may wish to consider purchasing a friction note counter instead. See our Note Counters section.

Coins can be placed on the weighing scale lose in the coin hopper, or in bags or rolls. Check the specification of the scale you intend to purchase to ensure the hopper capacity is sufficient for your needs, and that the scale will support coin bags and/or rolls.

The most common cause of errors in the reading is due to the scale requiring calibration. This can occur due to transit, removal of backup batteries, uneven surface, the unit being dropped or knocked or other such causes. Some of our scales include a calibration weight and simple instructions in the pack, other scales may require return to us or the manufacturer for re-calibration. Calibration weights can be purchased separately if they are not included in the standard pack.


If you require further assistance choosing the best cash weighing scale for your particular business requirements, please Contact Us and we will be pleased to help.

Cash Weighing Scales